image Rui Miao (缪睿)

I am a Network Engineer in Network Research Team at Alibaba Group. I received my Ph.D. from University of Southern California. My advisor was prof. Minlan Yu (now at Harvard University). I received my M.S. from Tsinghua University and B.S. from UESTC. My Google Scholar page is here.

My research at Alibaba focuses on designing and building a production-ready and datacenter-scale network with bare-metal performance, high reliability, high cost-efficiency, and ease of management, by leveraging emerging technical trends in SDN and silicon programmability.

Email: miao.rui AT alibaba-inc dot com


HPCC: High Precision Congestion Control
Yuliang Li, Rui Miao, Hongqiang Liu, Yan Zhuang, Fei Feng, Lingbo Tang, Zheng Cao, Ming Zhang, Frank Kelly, Mohammad Alizadeh, Minlan Yu, SIGCOMM 2019. [PDF]

DETER: Deterministic TCP Replay for Performance Diagnosis

Yuliang Li, Rui Miao, Mohammad Alizadeh, Minlan Yu, NSDI 2019. [PDF]

Elastic sketch: Adaptive and fast network-wide measurements
Tong Yang, Jie Jiang, Peng Liu, Qun Huang, Junzhi Gong, Yang Zhou, Rui Miao, Xiaoming Li, Steve Uhlig, ACM SIGCOMM 2018. [PDF]

SilkRoad: Making Stateful Layer-4 Load Balancing Fast and Cheap Using Switching ASICs

Rui Miao
, Hongyi Zeng, Changhoon Kim, Jeongkeun Lee, Minlan Yu. ACM SIGCOMM 2017. [PDF]

LossRadar: Fast Detection of Lost Packets in Data Center Networks

Yuliang Li, Rui Miao, Changhoon Kim, Minlan Yu. ACM CoNEXT 2016. [PDF]

FlowRadar: A Better NetFlow for Data Centers
Yuliang Li, Rui Miao, Changhoon Kim, Minlan Yu. NSDI 2016. [PDF]

The Dark Menace: Characterizing Network-based Attacks in the Cloud

Rui Miao, Rahul Potharaju, Minlan Yu, Navendu Jain. ACM IMC 2015. [PDF]

NIMBUS: Cloud-scale Attack Detection and Mitigation
Rui Miao
, Minlan Yu, Navendu Jain. ACM SIGCOMM poster 2014. [PDF]

DIBS: Just-in-time Congestion Mitigation for Data Centers

Kyriakos Zarifis (Co-primary), Rui Miao (Co-primary), Matt Calder, Ethan Katz-Bassett, Minlan Yu, Jitu Padhye. Eurosys 2014. [PDF]

SIMPLE-fying Middlebox Policy Enforcement Using SDN

Zafar Qazi, Cheng-chun Tu, Luis Chiang, Rui Miao, Vyas Sekar, Minlan Yu. ACM SIGCOMM 2013. [PDF]

OpenSketch: Software Defined Traffic Measurement for Data Centers
Minlan Yu, Lavanya Jose, Rui Miao. USENIX NSDI 2013. [PDF]

Practical and Incremental Convergence between SDN and Middleboxes

Zafar Ayyub Qazi, Cheng-chun Tu, Luis Chiang, Rui Miao, Vyas Sekar, Minlan Yu. Open Network Summit (Research Track) 2013 [PDF]

Don't Drop, Detour!

Matt Calder, Rui Miao, Kyriakos Zarifis, Ethan Katz-Bassett, Minlan Yu, Jitendra Padhye. ACM SIGCOMM Poster 2013. [PDF]

Using CPU as a Traffic Co-processing Unit in Commodity Switches

Guohan Lu, Rui Miao, Yongqiang Xiong, Chuanxiong Guo. ACM SIGCOMM HotSDN 2012. [PDF]

An Approach
of Covert Communication Based on the Adaptive Steganography Scheme on Voice over IP
Rui Miao
, Yongfeng Huang. IEEE ICC 2011. [PDF]

Honors and Awards